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Project Description
A program for testing BizTalk map files (.BTM) for a set of best practices.

Project Vision
To create an application which can be integrated into automated build processes to review the development practices with the Maps of a BizTalk project for a variety of style rules.

Why check Maps for style?
BizTalk Maps are immensely powerful, but most people who begin writing them have not given consideration to how complex they can become when complete. Just like organizing a class with good comments, and logical seperation makes the class more maintable, so does good style in your Maps.

The difference is that while there are excellent tools for re-working large classes, re-working an existing map is very difficult. Once you're project contains a map like the one picture below, you're going to have a major challenge to re-create that map and re-test it, hence with MapCop we strive to stop these maps early in their development cycle.


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